Frequent questions

We can see the furniture for sale?

Yes, if you are interested in purchasing a piece of furniture that you have seen in our virtual exhibition can view it at any time in person at our office in the former county road S.S. 35a Giovi, 15062 Bosco Marengo (AL). For details see page Location is always welcome the appointment.

Prices are negotiable?

You all prices are negotiable, please send your proposal to purchase by clicking on the button We will evaluate with pleasure.

Do shipping discounts for purchasing multiple items?

It is in the case of purchase of several articles we will be a special discount on the total purchase both on shipping.

I would like the installation service, you made it?

It is possible to agree the assembly and transportation service performed by us personally without the use of external companies.

I did not find in your mobile virtual exhibition I was looking for how can I do?

You can send us your inquiries using our contact form or call us at 3355853461 to 3405898093 and Furniture Past srl will perform in the shortest possible time a search to find the furniture or object that reflects your needs.

Release a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, every piece of furniture or a decorative object purchased the furniture of the Past srl releases on customer request regular Expertise in accordance with Article 63 of Legislative Decree 29 October 1999, n. 490.

I want to cancel an order?

Each order can be canceled for any need call 3405898093/3355853461.