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The easiest form to fund your online purchases.

1. Choose the number of installments

Choose whether to pay up to 4 installments every 14 days at no cost or up to 12 months, with instant response

2. Complete the form

Complete a simple form
with your personal data.

3. Pay the first installment

Enter your credit/debit card details to pay the first installment.

1. Complete the purchase

Get an instant response
and finish the payment.

Frequent questions

What is pagantis?2020-11-26T17:27:23+01:00

Pagantis is a financial institution authorized to operate by the Bank of Italy on the national market. Considered a pioneer fintech, at international level, she counts with a great deal of experience in the financial and payment methods sector. Its offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona and Milan, with more than 100 people employed to supervise the safety and trust of customers.

How can I pay my installments?2020-11-26T17:29:51+01:00

The first installment will be charged to the card indicated during the funding application.
Payntis will then automatically charge monthly installments to the card provided. You can change your payment method by accessing your reserved area.

What documents should I submit?2020-11-26T17:30:43+01:00

You will need to present a valid ID (ID card or passport). You will not be required income document or paycheck.

Which payment cards are accepted?2020-11-26T17:32:31+01:00

All Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards issued in Italy are accepted.

Can I pay my installments in advance?2020-11-26T17:33:26+01:00

You may proceed with the total or partial repayment of the debt at any time from your reserved area available on the Pagantis website.

What should I do in case of problems with the product I bought?2020-11-26T17:34:11+01:00

In case of problems with the purchased product you will have to follow the return procedure indicated on the e-commerce site on which you have concluded the purchase.
At the same time you will be entitled to a refund of the full amount paid and the funding will be cancelled.

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