Upholstery armchairs and sofas

The upholstered furniture, such as armchairs and sofas chairs, have suffered, along with furniture, several changes over the centuries, according to the taste of the various trends that have followed. The materials once used to stuff were only natural; straw, horsehair or wool that were hand-stitched and then coated with the fabric. synthetic materials such as foam are more recent birth and therefore not suitable for the restoration of an ancient artifact.

The invention of the springs is only in the early nineteenth century, in correspondence with the Charles X style, to meet the demand for more comfort.
As part of the restoration of an antique upholstered furniture, the upholstery recovery is as important as that of the wooden part. For these reasons, it is essential that the restoration is entrusted to the hands of a skilled and experienced upholsterer.

In the laboratories of the Past srl Furniture craftsmen performing for years upholstering of chairs, armchairs and sofas, using appropriate materials and fabrics to the historical period of the furniture belonging.

You can have an immediate estimate upholstery makeover choosing from a wide range of furnishing fabrics with an excellent quality / price ratio.

range of furnishing fabrics

There are several reasons that lead to the choice of a particular fabric: the environment with its component colors, the style of a mobile or simply customer tastes. Clearly, when it comes to an old piece of furniture, our experience requires us to recommend a fabric that is also compatible with the tastes of the membership of the cabinet itself. We could then choose a striped silk Neoclassical chairs, a striped cotton with flowers between the lines to a chair Charles X; velvet operated for a Napoleon III chair.

That will make a classic choice or you make a risky combination, the important thing is that a tie color environment and mobile harmoniously.

The furniture of the Past srl He collaborates with a number of textile companies to offer a wide range of high quality fabrics and always an excellent quality / price ratio. You can choose from our decorative fabrics and make them work by our craftsmen to create tailor-made curtains, furnishings and upholstery chairs, armchairs and sofas.